All that matters is “How you feel”, I just want to write about feelings and opinions from every point of view of life.My website may sometimes sounds as if it is all about introverts and sometimes a normal sphere of life, but I try to show the feelings, the real feelings without any diplomacy, its all about how we feel when we actually be ourselves. so I thought this(wordpress) would be a better place to share, show, inspire, encourage and explain people, the real face of reality.

I am actually a student of business management, but my interests really differ from that of business studies, I actually a lover of History, Astronomy, Astrology, novels, and most important thing I like to be more into values, feelings, I’m more into counselling…

I like observing things in deep, to predict the behavior of people something like that, I’ll be in my own world of fascination and really believes that “dreams are safer than reality”….



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