red velvet childhood!! Afloat activities..

"Velvet mite" redd velvet

redddddd redvelvet 2

Red velvet mites everyone’s childhood passion, discovery, observations all these we applied on our favorite creature, experimented, took care of them in small containers adding soil and grass into it, and observed them the whole day. It was full of afloat activities without any boundaries or control over our childhood imaginations. No interest in homework’s and school assignments but all the way interested in observing and taking care of them, such a wonderful thing to do in rainy seasons, Never took care of own self but use to take care of those tiny beautiful creatures.. Hence this is one of my favorite memory of childhood which comprises the memory of these creatures with addition of the friends memories….Just our activities were afloat circulating all over childhood….


3 thoughts on “red velvet childhood!! Afloat activities..

  1. Pictures we love remembering are sometimes made of tiny, simple things yet we know them to be happy.
    It’s like people say,.. to finde happiness in the small things of life.
    Little candles give light just like taller candles do after all…..

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