Blurred vs Evident side of life….

In response to The Daily Post’s weekly photo challenge: “Blur.”


Blurred v.s Evident phrases, Sometimes I get fed up with my blurred feelings, emotions and love.
I am a person who don’t really know how to express feelings or emotions for another person, I do feel for people, I do love people and I do have some emotions but the problem is I can’t express them verbally. So most of the times people begin to think that I don’t have feelings for them, My feelings, love and emotions are so blurred that they need to be explained verbally or else people may never know whether I love them or What I feel for them. I am not an Introvert but still I cannot express what I think of people, I cannot even go and console people if they are sad. When I see other people expressing their emotions verbally, I try to do like that but I can’t, But the Most beautiful thing happens with me is my family, to them my feelings, love and emotions are so evident, like without expressing they come to know how much I love them, So these are the people who can see through blurred situations of my life and heal me when I broke, I never have to worry, When I am with them, they stop me trying to being someone who can express verbally, they let me being me, my own self, I feel blur is an absurd thing but they make my blurred self more beautiful than evident side of my feelings…. so blur is amazing and beautiful than an evident scenario….

6 thoughts on “Blurred vs Evident side of life….

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