Ephemeral, They say they will never come up!!

In response to The Daily Post’s weekly photo challenge: “Ephemeral.”

“Ephemeral” When I see people considering their life too heavy to live, they easily get fed up with life, they start feeling life as a burden and decide to give up on everything gradually. When i say everything I refer relationships, friendships, pretty much everything, which once they use to consider most important and by which they use to be happy, they use to feel accomplished. Now coming to the point, Life has two main components which are “Ephemeral”, and that are unfortunately good times and fortunately bad times. Both revolve and make twists and turns in our life, and both are temporary. People should try and understand that life is a lesson, it never stops teaching us lessons, and for teaching lessons, it has to draw your attention towards every situation, that may occur one or the other time in your life and teaches us how to deal with them without getting depressed and losing hopes. So if we understand the concept of Ephemeral components of life, then hopefully we will start living our life without loosing hopes and without any regrets, which a person feels after a problem is sorted, for instance: when a person is disturbed and down with problems, he/she makes mistakes, ie; ending relationships in aggression. So in order to avoid disastrous mistakes, we should learn and teach people about the Ephemeral components of life, which revolve around us, throughout our life in short periods….water-209901_1280

3 thoughts on “Ephemeral, They say they will never come up!!

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