Are dreams better than reality??

I always wonder why can’t we live our dream instead of dreaming our life, It’s so easy to live happily to live our dream but normally when we go through tough times we loose our hope of building our dream. But really most of the times irrespective of trying to live our dream, I think that dreams are a better place and far better than reality, with no harm, no politics, no crime, no abuse, many more things. Our dreams become a safe and better place just because we dream what we want, without any restrictions, without any boundaries, with no one else ruling upon you. But if we think deeply ITS ALL ABOUT HOW YOU FEEL about your life, if you have freedom to do everything you want, you would actually live your dream instead of dreaming,, But again our dreams are not real, anyhow we have to live, to live the most important thing is to adjust because you will find different people around  you, they may have different qualities, different nature and different humor. If you learn to adjust you will actually deal with people with ease, because you have that weapon call “adjustment” no matter how people are, you will find a way to deal with them. you may either adjust till you can or you may just leave them and join other people. Life is all about living. Life doesn’t stop no matter how sad you are, how disappointed you are life goes on, So its completely up to us how we will drive our life. Either you live your life how you always dream, or you can simply waste it, simply dreaming or simply sitting sad. You cannot live a perfect life, the word perfect for me doesn’t really exist, life is all about ups and downs, so if something is not stable it isn’t perfect, so don’t run after living a perfect life and get tired, Do dream of perfectness and do try to make it perfect but don’t get tired, because nothing’s gonna stop, if you stop. Life is all about running, run and relax but it don’t give you an option to get tired.. If one thing isn’t working out, try for other, nothing’s impossible, it’s only tough. so all i wanna say try n try don’t stop, and live your dream, no problem if can’t do it today, let’s do it tomorrow, lets walk with our best friends that are Adjustment, will power, Energy, and positive heart, and lets be an optimist ….


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