angel-427478_1280written by Anum Idrak,,,,

I wanna tell you how I feel,
I know you don’t like going in deep.
You sowed in me the love seed,
that grows everyday in my heart field.

I know you are unaware of its existence,
I don’t want to disclose its innocence.
Exposing will make everyone call it unworthy,
And I know they will make it a parody.

My love is eager to come out with full affection,
Which is set only for you with all attention.
I have done nothing but respected,
My love all the way simply got tempted.

Wanted to walk away from this,
stepping on my valuable wish.
You turned at me with that same look again,
It was enough for making me desperate.

With this I always happen to know,
My love is endless you know or never know,,,,,


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